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At our shop you will find all you need about cycling.

From service/repair to accessories and clothing and then you have our running section. We stock most items and if we don't have it you will get it next day!

Visit our store!
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We believe in quality at both the shops and so you will find some of the top brands available at very reasonable prices. We believe that everyone deserves the best and we will try to have something for everyone!

Our service section is run by an experienced mechanic who is familiar with race technology to basic trekking standard needs.

We also have our BG Fitting room where you can have your bike fit to you with  accurate adjustments to the thou! If its a bike you buy from us or indeed your own. Its not only to assure comfort,it also aids the ability to ride with absolute precision and performance then this is a must do before you continue your passion whatever it is.

We offer above in the safety above our shop secure storage for you bikes should you bring them. There will be a mechanic to check in every bike and take care of any fine adjustments you may need or general repairs and maintenance. Our pricing is reasonable and first class all the way whatever bike it is.



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